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“Can you give me some good questions to ask a girl?’ – That’s something I get asked very often. Here are 7 quick question you can use TODAY, to spark attraction. Fast. Enjoy!

Question #1 – What do you got going for you besides your looks?

This makes HER qualify to YOU. If she’s hot, there’s 99% she won’t see it coming. Very powerful.

Question #2 – Can you stop undressing me with your eyes please? I get it all the time from girls. I thought you are different!

I love this one. With a nice smile, it will go a long way. Makes you the prize. A bit cocky funny style. Try it!

Question #3 – Are you going to buy me a drink, or what?

Also a bit cocky funny. Remember to smile! You can add “You get the first round, I’ll take care of the second. That’s how I do it with my friends. I think you qualify as one.” Now you also plan a future together. Even if it’s only a couple minutes ahead.

Question 4# – Do you think drunk I love you’s count?

Girls gobble this one up! They all have been in this situation or heard it from a friend. This is when a guy tells a girl that he loves her while he is totally wasted.

Question 5# – Are you always like this?

That’s a killer hook! She’s gonna ask “like what?” Say something funny about her. “You know. Pretending to be a sweet innocent girl.” Another hook. She might ask why she is pretending. Or what she REALLY is then. Then you say something like “I can totally tell you have a WILD side. I see right through you.” – Works wonders!

Question 6# – I don’t know if this will work. I’m an animal in bed. You think you can keep up with me?

OK that’s a little dangerous… Best for situation when you’re losing the woman you’re talking too. When you got nothing to lose. If you DO go for this one, do it with extreme confidence.

Question 7# – God! All girls ever think about is sex. You care about other stuff too, right?

That’s a bit of indirect cocky funny. A nice way to turn up the sexual tension. Fast…

These were 7 good question to ask girls in order to get their ATTENTION and spark ATTRACTION in seconds. There’s more to it of course.

Source by Adam Jovani

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